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"A home should be a home and not a concentration camp!"-Millers Sentenced


AUSTIN, Minn. (KTTC) It's been decided.

The Dexter couple who pleaded guilty to chaining their 5-year-old son to his bed will do time behind bars.

Brian and Charity Miller were lead away in hand cuffs after learning they would be spending a year in a Mower County jail for chaining their 5-year-old son to his bed.

"This has been a tough one," The Miller boys Guardian Ad Litem Todd Schoonover explains. "These boys have been through a lot, but they'll be OK. We'll take care of them."

Added on to that year, Mower County District Court Judge Don Rysavy sentenced the Millers to another year stayed with three years probation for spanking their 8 year old son with a fly swatter.

The Mower County Attorney says the sentence is light.

"And this case if any seriously called out for punishment," says Mower County Attorney Kristen Nelson. "We would have liked to have seen the two years, we argued for the two years. The court felt a year was more appropriate. Clearly the six months that was recommended was in no way appropriate."

Schoonover says Brian and Charity will get no sympathy from their children.

"They've expressed to me in the past that they hope their parents will be punished for what they did to them. And I'm sure that they will be relieved," says Schoonover.

Nelsen would have loved to have charged the Millers with a felony but says there's a gaping hole in the statute.

"In a sexual assault case, there's a certain punishment," explained Nelsen. "If there are multiple acts of sexually assault, in the statute, it's given a different punishment. In this case there isn't a different punishment despite the fact it happened month, after month, after month."

She says her office will work to fill the gap.

The chain used on the Millers five year old was the same type of chain they used to keep their gate closed.

Judge Rysavy scolded the Millers during the sentencing hearing for their actions.

He told them "fathers and mothers shouldn't be jailers or torturers" and "a home should be a home, not a concentration camp."

For the time being, the boys will remain under protective custody with Mower County Human Services.

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