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Tough times ahead for area clinics

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC)-- Tough times ahead for area clinics, That's what the Minnesota Medical Association says could happen thanks to the newly passed Health and Human Services budget.

The M-M-A issued a statement yesterday saying the new budget cuts crucial funding to area clinics. The statement also says the bill cuts fee-for-service payments to clinics by three percent.

M-M-A President, Doctor Patricia Lindholm tells us this is the primary source of income for a lot of clinics.

She says medical assistance was already under funded and additional cuts could make for money problems for clinics and result in cost-shifting to patients.

We spoke with Mayo Clinic Doctor Patricia Simmons who says the impact will be felt throughout the Minnesota medical community, she says "Were of course concerned because we do know in some communities the impact will be felt by the hospital and by the physicians, and the critical thing to do is to preserve access to patients."

As for the M-M-A, they fear most emergency rooms as well as rural and inner city clinics will be effected.

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