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Window AC units, a HOT commodity


ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- Trying to tackle the heat without air conditioning can be unbearable. Even those lucky enough to have AC are discovering it may take days for a repairman to fix it, if it breaks down.

Phones have been ringing off the hook at do-it-yourself stores like Menards, Mills Fleet Farm and Home Depot. The sought after appliance? Window air conditioning units.

"As fast as we can bring them in, they're going out," said Ted Reyez, with Home Depot.

Finding a window air conditioning unit in a heat wave is like searching for a sought after present on Christmas Eve.

"I was to Walmart, both Menards, Best Buy, Target and then I came here," said Nick Hinrichs.

After nearly 4 hours of searching, Hinrichs was told the news he wanted to hear.

"They told me they were going to have some come in at 4, so I just went, waited and chilled out somewhere, I've been waiting here for an hour, just to make sure I could get one," recalled Hinrichs.

Retails stores, like Home Depot, said they're not surprised sales are up.

"Two to three weeks ago when we had that heat wave they really flew out of there, but with this heat everybody wants air conditioners and de-humidifiers to bear with the heat and humidity," stated Reyez.

If you weren't out scouring the aisles for an AC, you may have been waiting at home for the repair man.

"We woke up with water around the unit in the basement, so we had to call in a service call. A lot of the places I called were out Thursday or Friday this week before they could get here," said Matt Walker, whose AC was not working.

"On my end of it, it's been a lot of repairs, due to this heat load and high humidity and our install department has been working hard too," stated Joel Darnell, with Haley Comfort Systems.

Darnell suggested tips to keep your cooling unit up and running.

"Make sure you change the filter in your furnace and also make sure you wash you condensing coil outside. Make sure you shut the power off, take the garden hose, wash that coil and keep it clean, that's a big thing right there," said Darnell.

Within 15 minutes Tuesday afternoon at least 9 window AC units were sold at Home Depot, a hot commodity indeed.

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