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Kidnapping/Police standoff in Rochester


Rochester, Minn. (KTTC) A Rochester woman is lucky to be alive.

The Rochester Police reported that a 33 year-old woman was held against her will early Tuesday morning until she was able to escape and call the police.

That phone call lead to the Emergency Response Unit for the Rochester Police being called to a mobile home community on Marion Road this morning.

Rochester police arrested Jaime Rodriguez in front of his girlfriend's home on Marion Road after a stand off that began some time Tuesday morning.

Rodriguez allegedly kidnapped an acquaintance with his girlfriend, Marisa.

"She (The acquaintance) reported that she was assaulted, punched and hit around the face and torso several times," Says Rochester Police Captain Brian Winters.

The couple allegedly demanded money to let the woman go.

While retrieving the money the woman got away.

"As they exited the motor vehicle she fled to a near by residence where she called law enforcement," says Winters.

That call lead to a stand off at Marisa's home for which the couple refused to come out even though Marisa's two children were in the home.

"I'd call them and they would say they were just there chilling at their house. I told them everybody was outside but they didn't want to come out," says Rodriguez's sister Zulema Rodriguez.

Zulema Rodriguez was on the phone with the couple during parts of the stand off.

"I would call Jaime and I would be like, 'Please Jaime get out. There's SWATs and everything and all this stuff'," explains Zulema. "And he'd be like 'No I'm not gonna get out. I don't care if they kill me. If they come in here to get me, I'll fight with them' and all this stuff."

She says Marisa was worried about the safety of her children.

"She was worried about 'if we get shot, who am I gonna leave the kids with can you come for them'," explains Zulema. "I'm like 'I can't go down there they won't let me. They were like 'come the kids and I'll go out'."

The couple eventually gave themselves up to Rochester Police.

Zulema says this is not her brother's first run in with the law.

She says "He just got out of jail and now he's going back in."

The female kidnapping victim was taken to the hospital to be treated for her injuries.

Currently Rochester Police say only the male is being held in custody.

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