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Culvers Restaurant Truck Accident


ROCHESTER, Minn -- The Chevy Silverado was traveling on West Frontage Rd towards 55th street NW when the truck jumped the curb went over the hill in front of the restaurant, went through a fence, took out a concrete picnic table the finally cam to a stop inside of the Culvers Dining Room. The crash caused extensive damage to the exterior and interior of the building. The only injury reported was that of the driver.  This occurred Wednesday morning at approximately 9 a.m.

 "The vehicle is completely inside. There was no fluid leak or fire hazards at the time, there was only the one patient, the driver of the vehicle and he was transported by gold cross." Says Chris Bailey of the Rochester Fire Department

Culvers was closed at the time of the crash, but there were employees preparing for the business to open for the lunch rush. None of the employees in the restaurant at the time of the incident were injured. If this accident would have occurred just a couple of hours later, the outcome could have been tragic.

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