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Gov. Dayton in Rochester


Rochester, Minn. (KTTC) Despite what seemed like a number of energized opposition protesters outside the Senior Citizens Center on North Broadway before Governor Mark Dayton arrived, when he entered the building, he did so to thunderous applause.

Dayton quickly found himself being asked for promises form the disabled and elderly not to balance the budget on their backs during round table testimonials.

"We cannot do this alone. We respectfully and unwaveringly ask your commitment and support to provide for the disabled of our community," pleaded one round table attendee.

"I worked all my life until I received a TBI, but with God's help I'm still independent and I'm proud of who I am but do not! Do Not! take my services away," cried roundtable attendee Diane Elgin.

Fear of services being cut was a common theme among roundtable attendees.

After the roundtable testimonials, the lively budget debate that took place on the streets before Dayton arrived continued in the Senior Citizens Center.

"My comment first of all is for the Republican leadership, get those policy items out there. Maybe this log jam can be broken if people can just sit down and talk about the dollars," yelled on one audience member.

Another audience member called the Governor out, "Governor when will you start taking practical measures to address these problems because in my opinion the situation these people my find them selves in is partially if not completely your fault."

The Governor tried to justify his position by calling on republicans to compromise more.

"I made three proposals, compromise proposals to try and resolve this situation and in the last 13 days of the shutdown, I received a single proposal form the republican side," said Governor Mark Dayton.

Governor Dayton said after the meeting if Republicans are unwilling to budge on any tax hikes for the wealthy, they must present a compromise budget that doesn't destroy services for the disabled and elderly.

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