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College For Kids


Winona, Minn. (KTTC) --   At Winona State University, college isn't just for young adults. College for kids is a summer enrichment program now in its 24th year offer a variety of classes

"They can come for one or two weeks in the month of July to the Winona State University Campus and thy can take two classes a day ranging from science to arts to dance to tai chi, so we hope that there is something offered for everyone," says Director Tracy Rahim.

In cooking class, kids were learning how to measure certain ingredients to make special treats, but also has its hidden advantages.

 I think just to work together, not be afraid when they are in the college situation, keep them engaged in the summer and just to have fun," adds Rhonda Aspenson

When you think of arts and crafts, stained glass windows may not be the first thing you think of, but these beautiful works of art were being constructed in this class.

"Just making a football basketball and baseball of a stain glass window and I was using obviously brown, orange and white," explains Zaid Elsabbagh/

 Science also shows us that you can do much more with marshmallows than just eat them. The engineers of the group were building catapults to see who could launch a marshmallow the furthest down the hallway.

In the biology lab it was lunch time, but not for the students.

"The mouse got curious when it went right by it and it just bit it and started coiling around it and then pretty soon it was really tight and then it uncoiled and started to eat it, " says Sam King.

All the kids got to handle the snakes and learned all about the reptiles, especially the fact you have told the snakes head up after it eats, why you might ask?

"Because otherwise it will throw up the mouse."

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