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Government shutdown road blocking builders

WINONA, Minn. (KTTC)-- The Minnesota Government shutdown could be causing some road blocks for would be builders.

Builders and property owners in Winona County may find it difficult to obtain the proper permits to build until the government shutdown ends.

If one has multiple permits required by the state and Winona County, they will be able to receive their county permits with no problem but have to wait for the state permits to begin building.

Some projects that will be effected are ones that may need the Minnesota DNR to sign off first.

"Say there was a wetland permit required. Someone wanted to build on a property with some wetlands near by," explained Duane Hebert, Winona County Administrator. "They would need to mitigate those wetlands, they would need a permit, and they won't be able to get that permit."

Other projects that would possibly be effected are larger projects like the construction of an apartment complex or a multi-family facility that need multiple permits.

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