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Horace Bryant: 10 Who Make a Difference

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) --One of the KTTC-United Way 10 Who Make A Difference recipients spends almost his entire day helping to encourage others. Horace Bryant is making a huge difference as a positive role model for several young men in Rochester.

His organization is called Saving a Generation: Young Lives, Young Fathers. Horace mentors these teens that have come from less fortunate homes, or even from juvenile detention. And he does it using a boxing ring, as a way to let out aggression in a safe way and to learn discipline.

Many of his mentees do not have fathers and may already be fathers themselves. Horace tries to show them what responsible men look like and how they act.

"The principles that we teach here go beyond just throwing a jab and how to duck or throw a punch off of a hook. We teach them those principles of commitment, hard work, because with those things, they can build better relationships," explains Horace.

"I had both parents growing up and all the opportunities anyone could get, but I was still hard-headed and didn't listen. But being with Horace, it taught me to just be accountable for your actions and responsibility," says Chris Watson, one of Horace's mentee.

Horace says he, too, did not grow up with his father around, but in the 60's, men in his New York City neighborhood would step up to be role models for the young boys. Horace says he is just following in their footsteps.

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