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Ugly Grill Finalist - CANTON - Carrie Ehler


I would love to win this grill because as you can see mine does not have much curb appeal. I have to use tin foil on the grill so my food doesn't rust to the unit. The lid recently snapped off and I have to use an oven mitt to cover it. The igniter is shot so I have to light it with a match and risk singeing my hair. The side holders fall at any given moment so i don't dare place a platter of food on them. But considering all these defects I love to grill out and do it several times a week. I grill for my family and friends and they are always making fun of my not-so-fashionable grill. I would put great use to a new grill because I live for summer grilling, for great food, and a great way to spend time with family and friends.
       Thank-you for considering my contest entry.

                                          Carrie Ehler

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