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Ugly Grill Finalist - ROCHESTER - Heidi and Aaron Dubé


We could exaggerate the poor shape or our grill, and come up with a sob story in hopes that you will feel sorry for us, but instead we will simply tell you why we want to win.  We have a very basic grill, in below average shape, but it works.  We would love to win the new one, because we love grilling, spending time outdoors with our neighbors, friends, and family.  At some point, we will have to upgrade, but would like to put that off as long as possible, because…  We are expecting twins this fall!  We are overjoyed, excited, and trying to save money.  We love entertaining friends in our backyard, and would truly enjoy spending time as a family with this prize package.  We need a bigger grill now that Heidi is eating for 3!

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