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36-pound Grass Carp found in Lake Zumbro


PEPIN, WI (KTTC) -- A local lake is now home to yet another invasive species. A 36-pound Grass Carp, a form of Asian Carp was reeled in just last week, by a commercial fisherman. Now, it has the DNR questioning just where that fish came from.

"I actually jumped in the water and corralled it in the net when we saw it a second time, it was crazy," said Adams.

Tim Adams, has been in the fishing business for years. Setting nets every morning at sunrise and bringing a catch of catfish and buffalo fish by midday, is routine, but reeling in a Grass Carp on an inland lake is not.

"We were like, we got to get this fish, or no ones going to believe that it's out here. It was crazy," exclaimed Adams.

Since 2003 Grass Carp have been found along the Mississippi. Just last week one was found in Lake Zumbro. While one may not seem like very many, for fisherman like Tim Adams, that could entirely change their livelihood.

"There's probably about a dozen of us in the state of Minnesota that make a living out here catching buffalo and carp. If these Asian Carp get up here, who knows what will happen," stated Adams.

 Kevin Stauffer, with the Minnesota DNR, said the invasive species could greatly change the face of the land of 10,000 lakes, if they continue to re-produce.

"These fish, if they were very widespread, could be very damaging to aquatic vegetation, which is a very important in fish and wildlife habitat, 'said Stauffer.

In the months to come, the DNR is expected to do additional surveying of the species in Lake Zumbro.

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