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Competition may be tough for a summer jobs

AUSTIN, Minn. (KTTC) -- Finding a summer job, if you're a teen this year, may not be as easy as years past. 

Employers say it's partially due to the economy and a changing workforce.

It seems the competition for jobs that usually catered to young adults is fierce.

A recent study from Northeastern University estimates one in four teens looking for a job this summer, won't find work.

The Dairy Queen in Austin is no exception.

Typically less than 100 people apply for summer jobs, but that's not the case this year.

It seems it's a popular place to grab a cool treat and a job application.

"I think so far this year we've hired maybe about 8 people, and I just recently hired another one today. We've probably gotten about 100 to 200 applications," said Katie Hansen, DQ Manager.

Hansen said some people are even applying two and three times, desperate for a job.

The case is much the same at Berg's Nursery, where managers are seeing an abundance of applicants per job posting.

After three months of persistent looking and sending out nearly 60 job applications, one college student was lucky enough to land a job at the nursery.

"I was looking to try and get ahead of all the college kids coming home, to get a job until fall when school starts, but I haven't been able to find one until now," said William Dehoogh, now employed at Berg's Nursery.

According to financial firm BTIG, teen participation in the job market has been decreasing since 1978, but as of late that drop is more significant - 41 percent at the start of the recession and now just 34 percent.



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