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Farmers begin spring planting


DEXTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- The late spring delayed planting for farmers across much of Minnesota.

Finally, some of them are able to get out in the field, but now it's a race against Mother Nature to get the crop in the ground before it rains, yet again.

Farmers tell the NewsCenter the ground still isn't ideal for planting, because it's damp and cool.

At this time last year many people already had their crop in the ground, so for farmers, it's "GO" time.

Spring planting is more than just driving heavyweight machinery up and down the field.

For Peter Tangren and his son, farmers near Dexter, it's a science.

From the temperature of the soil, to its moisture level, the ground needs to be just right before it can be tilled and planted.

"You try not to go to fast. You really want to try and plant somewhere between 4 and 5 mph and that puts the seed down in the right place and without the planter bouncing, so you've got to keep your speed down. Obviously if you don't do a good job planting, you don't get a good harvest in the fall," said Peter Tangren.

Tangren Farms operates a 24-row planter.

Peter said they're not only putting the corn seed in the ground, but also spreading a starter-fertilizer and insecticide in the dirt.

Soon after they'll spray and ingest anhydrous ammonia into the ground.

Tangren hopes to have a quarter of his acres set aside for corn planted by the end of Wednesday.

If the rain stays away, he could be done by Sunday.

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