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Local soldier: "Definitely a good feeling"


AUSTIN, Minn. (KTTC) -- Whether or not you have direct ties to the horror of 9/11, it may still have impacted your life as an American. 

For soldiers who fought in Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, hearing of Bin Laden's death takes on a new meaning.

A former Army Specialist of Austin said he was consumed by pride when he heard the news.

"It's what we were working towards. It was what we were trying to accomplish. It being accomplished is definitely a good feeling."

Those are the words of former Army Specialist, Brad McBeain, who said he was taken by surprise when he heard of Bin Laden's death.

"I think it's something that everyone knew in the back of their mind would eventually happen, but it's been so long and when it finally does happen it causes you to revisit different memories and thought," explained McBeain.

McBeain was enlisted in the Army for six years, before going on disability.

While on active duty, he fought in Operation Iraqi Freedom, a mission focused on seizing Saddam Hussein and possible weapons of mass destruction.

McBeain said regardless of where he served, he still feels connected to the bigger picture.

"When it comes down to it, Al-Qaida, is something everybody was fighting. It wasn't necessarily just concentrated in Afghanistan. It was something that was also going on in Iraq," explained McBeain.

Pride runs deep in McBeain for the American people and his fellow comrades.

While he admitted a lot has been accomplished, he says there is still much more to be done.

"Bin Laden is gone, but there's still people overseas and there's still people dealing with family members that have been lost because of what's going on," said McBeain.


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