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Assault victim wants charges against friend dropped


ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC)-- A Rochester man who spent a month in the hospital after a fight with his best-friend left him in a coma, says he wants the assault charges dropped.

But even though David Locke has made a miraculous recovery since the incident happened in January, the Olmsted County Attorney still plans on pressing charges against Matt Floen for what happened.

"I haven't really spent too much time thinking about it, I try not to think about the entire thing too much," said David Locke as he revisited the sight in Northwest Rochester where he and Floen got into an argument following a minor car accident on New Year's Eve.

"From what I've been informed, I started the whole incident myself."

David had multiple fractures on his head and doctors were forced to remove part of his skull because his brain was swelling so severely. One afternoon in January though, things changed, "January 13th I just woke up and everything was back after that," he recalls.

Locke says he forgives his long time friend Matt Floen for what happened back in January but the county attorney says his injuries still warrant pressing charged.

"I can't stay mad at him, I mean he's like a brother that how I view it, two brothers got into a fight and one got seriously hurt," says Locke.

Floen is due back in court on May 11, for an omnibus hearing regarding the case.

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