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Weather delays spring planting

DEXTER/ALBERT LEA, Minn. (KTTC) -- Usually this time of year we caution people to be aware of farmers moving their machinery, but that isn't the case just yet. A cold and damp spring has put farmers behind on spring planting.

Just one year ago, many farmers already had some acres planted.

"April 15th and 6 days later, we were done planting corn," said Peter Tangren.

"We've been in the fields in the April 12th thru 15th time range, and this year it's just a little bit cooler," said Andy Bakken.

Factor in a long winter, with cold spring temperatures and rain and you'll have a recipe for late planting. Andy Bakken, told us the soil needs to warm up.

"Corn germinates at about 50-degrees, so once the soil temperature gets to 50-degrees the corn will grown," explained Bakken.

Peter Tangren, said if farmers plant the seeds to soon, they'll pay the price.

"The soils been to cold, its been to wet so the seed will rot in the ground. If the seed rots in the ground, you've obviously got to go back and plant it again and that corn seed is very expensive," said Tangren.

Each bag of seed corn can cost between $250-$300, meaning farmers will spend more than $100 per acre if they re-plant. All in all farmers told us they're optimistic about their livelihoods.

"If we can get the crop in and if we don't have an early frost we'll have average to better than average yields," said Tangren.

"We have to be patient, if we can get into the field by the first of May, we'll be alright," stated Bakken.

If it stays dry the next few days, farmers plan to be in the fields this weekend.


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