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Public Works wants more money to fix sidewalks


ROCHESTER (KTTC) -- Safety is key, especially when it comes to something a majority of the population utilizes, like public sidewalks.

In 2008, Rochester's Public Works Department inspected more than 40% of city sidewalks. It turns out there were so many repairs, it took more than two years to fix.

Originally the city had been hoping for a $500,000 budget, but currently it only has $25,000 to put towards the repairs. 

Monday afternoon the city council decided to expand residential sidewalk checks from every 10 years to 20 years to help cut that budget request in half.

Fixing sidewalks is a hefty fee and sprucing up local neighborhoods isn't just costing the city money, but it also comes out of homeowner's pockets.

All property owners are responsible for the upkeep of their home, including the repair of cracked or raised sidewalks.

If the walkway in front of your property doesn't meet inspections, you'll be notified by a painted "X", marking the spot and not long after a bill will be headed your way for repairs.

City Councilman Bruce Snyder said it all boils down to money.

"Unfortunately, even with the high cost of gasoline and the other high costs, it's part of home ownership and the responsibility to maintain that sidewalk," Snyder said.

Private property owners will continue to have their choice of hiring their own contractor or having a city-hired contractor repair their damaged sidewalk.


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