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Fighting gas prices with bikes

WINONA, Minn, (KTTC-DT)-- With gas prices up,many are feeling pain at the pump.  In Winona, some WSU students are working to make sure other students don't feel much of that pain.

"I think everyone should ride a bike. They're so much fun," says Jody Rogers, WSU Senior and bike rider.

Throughout the week, students at Winona State University are working on getting their classmates to ride more bikes.

"Just really trying to promote people using their bikes and getting out and commuting with their bikes and recreationally riding their bikes as well," says Paul Rohde, WSU Senior and Environmental Club member.

To some students Rohde is preaching to the choir.

"It promotes a really healthy lifestyle. It cuts down on traffic and that sort of pollution areas," says Rohde."

Rogers says bike riding to school can have its down side, "Riding on campus can be a little crowded cause there's other bikers and people on the sidewalks".

Plus, to Rogers, riding her bike is just plain ol' fun.

 The students with the Winona State Environmental club say their goal is to fix more than 200 bikes this week.

This is the fourth year the group has promoted biking on campus.

"Cause you can just hope on your bike ride around and the wind's like blowing in your hair and it smells good in the spring time," says Rogers

It saves her money on gas and time she would have spent parking her car.  But Rogers focuses on the benefits.  The hope is students will see the benefits of bike riding.  To encourage bike riding, the WSU Environmental Club has teamed up with a few local bike shops to help students fix their bikes and oil their chains for free.

 "I ride my bike all the time because I live way off campus. So it's much quicker to ride my bike to school than it is to walk," says Rogers.


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