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All Dogs (And Cats) Go To Heaven

Rochester, Minn. (KTTC) Big dogs, small dogs, and cats we all on display at the first ever "Pet Match".

Pet match, put on by local animal rescue groups, aims to promote the adoption of pets rather than buying them as puppies or kittens.

"We want the public to really think about the appropriate pets and how it will work for their family and how we can help them become a pet owner," says Michele Quandt, Director of Camp Companion.

Many cats and dogs were attended the "Pet Match".

Like Boss who is a year old easy going and energetic Pit Bull Terrier.

"He likes kids, he's a high energy dog." says Jay Zimmerman, Mower County Humane Society Minnesota Volunteer. "Which for some folks that's a negative and some folks that's a positive. If you're an avid jogger and like a lot of exercise, he'd be a great companion."

Zimmerman says Pit Bulls are over bread in the Austin area, "A lot of people like them as puppies but when they get to be about one year old, they get a lot more muscular and stronger and people discover they are more than they can handle."

And then there's the red boned coon hound mix, Danny Boy.

"Danny was dumped out in the country, out were I live. He befriended my wife while she was out walking our other 2 dogs," says Danny Boy's "Foster Father" Ross Hamernik.

Danny Boy's best quality, according to Hamernik, is his energy level and his expressive face.

"Like typical hounds he'll furrow up his brow, and look at you and if you talk to him he'll tip his head like he actually understands what it is that you're saying to him," says Hamernik.

To adopt Boss visit the Mower County Humane Society in Austin.

To adopt Danny Boy can visit Camp Companion in Rochester.

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