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Stolen Amish buggy found burned


NEAR HARMONY, Minn. (KTTC) -- An Amish buggy was partially dismantled and burned Sunday morning, after being stolen.

The buggy was taken from an Amish farm just 5 miles south of Harmony and was recovered just across the Iowa border. Fillmore County Sheriff, Daryl Jensen, said it's still under investigation.

"You don't know if it's English, Amish, ex-Amish, if it's a prank or it it's a hate crime. You have to look at everything and at this point, we don't have enough to say whether it's one or the other," explained Sheriff Jensen.

While authorities told us the case is not yet closed, the NewsCenter tracked down the Hochstetler's, the family whose buggy was stolen.

Adlee Hochstetler's told us this is the fourth time his brother, Marty's, buggy has been taken.

Wednesday evening, a few parents of Ridgeway teenagers, (a small community just into Iowa), approached the Hochstetler's apologizing for their children's actions. Adlee said the teens confessed they had been having a party on Saturday evening, at what point they broke into Marty's barn and took the buggy. After it was discovered missing on Sunday morning the Hochstetler's went looking for it, only to find part of it dismantled in the ditch and the other half burned, just off of State Line Road.

Damage estimates are set at $1,000. Adlee said the teens have already paid them some money and have promised to help them restore their buggy.  Adlee told us while he admires the teens for admitting to the crime, he is disappointed that anyone would poke fun at the Amish community stating, "We're all just people."

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