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Twins-Yankees Game Blacked Out Tuesday, Maybe Wednesday.

Rochester, Minn. (KTTC) If you wanted to watch the Twins-Yankees game last night and couldn't, you're not alone.

"I thought it would be on FSN, flipped to the channel expecting to see another game against the Yankees and it wasn't on," says Twins fan Rachel Tiegs

Fox Sports North has acquired the rights to air 45 more Twins games this year giving the network 150 games in all.

The reason for the blackout -- some cable providers, like Charter Communications, are still negotiating with FSN to purchase the extra games.

That left many baseball fans in the dark Tuesday night.

"I mean they only get to play the Yankees once away once at home," says Yankees fan Mike Zschunke.

"This is the beginning of the season, everyone's just getting excited and ramped up so it's disappointing not to get to see it right off the bat," says Tiegs.

Some fans had to go to bars that have DirectTV to watch the game, but that's not every fan's cup of tea.

If you can't get the Twins on TV, there are options out there for you where you don't have to let America's past time, pass you by.

"I followed the game on the Internet," says Zschunke.

"I had the MLB online up. So I could follow it on my phone," Tiegs.

If the Internet isn't an option for a fan there is always the radio.

"From Dan Gladden you get something you don't hear on TV, hitter's weaknesses, pitcher's. And from Dan Gladden too what you also get is wool be tide somebody loafing on the field," says Twins fan Jim Sibley.

FSN is still negotiating with Charter Communications.

If a deal cannot be reached, tomorrow's noon game against the Yankees will not be aired.

But Charter Communications says it will carry the home opener.

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