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A unique group of men help sand bag in Red Wing

RED WING, Minn. (KTTC) -- All eyes are still on the rising Mighty Mississippi, as communities brace themselves for the worst. Thursday afternoon sand bagging efforts took place in Red Wing.

For the past two weeks volunteers have been sand bagging locations around the city in anticipation of flooding. What's unique about this story though, it who is taking part in helping their community.

Filling sand bags to protect the historic downtown is a strenuous job, but these nine men are up to the challenge. Sentence to Serve crew workers from the Goodhue county jail and Red Wing's correctional facility fill nearly 2,600 sand bags each day. When all is said and done their efforts will protect many structures, including the YMCA, and Excel Energy building, and the depot.

Sentencing to Service crew leader, Rodney Brookings, said it's important for crew members to give back to the community.

"We respond to natural disasters all the time from floods, to tornados, to heavy snowfall and shoveling snow off of roofs. We help with natural disasters all the time, that's a big part of our program," said Brookings.

Crew member, Michael Christianson, told us he has seen the river flood many times and is glad to help and prevent it.

"It's a good effort. I'm here in town and I enjoy helping. I know a lot of the other guys do as well," said Christianson.

The city plans to continue sand bagging thru the weekend. The YMCA's spokespersons told us they hope to build a dike surrounding the facility to make sure boilers, electrical units and everything else on the lower level stays dry.

Crew members also helped flood efforts in Lake City.


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