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War On Potholes

Rochester, Minn. (KTTC) The Rochester Public Works Department is facing off against one of the city's toughest opponents. Potholes!

"Well what we're concentrating on are the real big ones right now, the shallower ones won't stay with this mix but the deeper one will,"says Jim Link with the Rochester Public Works.

With the constant thaw than freeze cycle we see this time of the season, battling potholes is a long process.

"In the next few weeks you'll see the frost start coming out and it'll get worse before it gets better," says Link.

The street maintenance team finds potholes to fill much like the average driver finds them, simply by driving around.

But the crew says some streets are more problematic than others.

"The ones that are 20 to 25 years old," Says Mike Lemke with the Rochester Public Works.

He says those streets are fixed often, "Its especially bad when the frost is coming out."

Because of the cold, the crew is using is a cold mix to fill the potholes which takes around three days to set and is not designed to last forever.

"This is just a temporary mix," explained Link. "It'll stay for a while but.... when we get our hot mix in we'll go over them and fix them right."

Link says after the hot mix is applied, the potholes should stay full, at least until next spring, when the cycle starts over.

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