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By Katie Lange

Austin couple falls victims to alleged "miracle cure" scam

NEAR AUSTIN, Minn. (KTTC) -- Getting defrauded may not be anything new, but the lies con-artists are creating to get your money, are getting more clever.

An Austin couple says they were swindled out of more than $6,000.

66-year-old Ronald Renken, of Stewartville, made his first appearance in court Monday.

He is being charged with fraud for allegedly telling a couple from rural Austin he could heal their medical illnesses with the use of a satellite, sending beams from outer space.

For more than a year Ronald Renken has been getting money from the Naatz's, a couple in their mid-sixties.

Authorities said the Naatz's felt they could trust Renken.

"They took his word and paid him quite a bit of money for this service that this satellite would send these beams down, particles would go through their body and cure their illnesses," said May.

The Naatz's declined to go on camera, but told us they have known Renken for more than 20-years through his business, "Care Free Water Products".

In court documents Renken is said to have told the couple he could heal their ailments with the help of a German team of doctors.

Radio frequencies would bounce off the victim's bodies and be sent to the team of doctors, who would adjust the frequencies and heal the victims.

Mower County Chief Deputy, Mark May, says the payments were large sums.

"Write me a check for $2,000 and maybe some other small amounts of money were involved too for special medicines or cure-all water," said May.

Renken allegedly told another victim she had cancerous cells all over her body, as well as clogged arteries.

Turns out the woman had received a physical exam days before and doctors said she was healthy.

May told us the couple could be out close to $6,500.

Renken was arrested after the Naatz's children became suspicious of his so-called miracle cure.

He was booked into the Mower County Jail, with a $25,000 dollar bail.

His next court appearance is set for Thursday.


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