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By Chris Conte

State begins redistricting process

ROCHESTER (KTTC)-- Officials on Minnesota's House Redistricting Committee were in Rochester Friday, getting input from local officials and citizens about how political redistricting should be done over the next year.

"I urge this committee to consider electoral fairness to the cities of this area," said one person speaking to a panel of officials on Friday.

Ultimately, they'll decide where the lines are drawn that determine how many representatives each part of the state will get in both the House and Senate, largely based on new census numbers.

"The population of Rochester and Olmsted County would support the fairness of having two Senate districts," said Rochester Mayor Ardell Brede.

The biggest question right now is whether or not Minnesota might loose a representative in Washington during the next census, mainly because it's projected other states could grow even fast than the Gopher State.

The next state wide primary is August 15, 2012 and by law redistricting needs to be done 25 weeks before that.

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