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By Katie Lange

Sharpshooters bait and kill deer, to stop CWD

NEAR BRYON, (KTTC) -- There are renewed efforts to end Chronic Wasting Disease in our area. That's after a deer in the Pine Island area tested positive for the disease in January.

The DNR's Big Game Coordinator, said as of Thursday, 352 deer have been tested, all with negative results. In the span of  two nights nine sharpshooters killed 17 deer. They're baiting the deer with piles of corn at 25 different locations in the sample zone. An old hospice house near Oxbow Park, just north of Byron, is one of the baiting grounds. After the park closes, sharpshooters venture out with thermal imaging technology and high powered rifles with scopes.

While some people appreciate what the DNR is doing, not all hunters feel it's right.

"They came with a new rule that it has got to be four-points on each side to shoot, or at least for a buck. That was supposed to make the deer hunting better here for bigger trophy deer, and now they're going down not even in the season shooting them, "said Donny Ehlenfeldt, a hunter near Byron.

We're told sharpshooters will be killing deer for the next 3 to 5 weeks. As for the 300-plus land owners with permits to shoot deer on their property, those permits expire at the end of this month.



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