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Prices at the pump keep rising

AUSTIN/ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- If you've filled your tank lately , you've felt the pain. Gas prices have taken a big jump. In Rochester, they rose by approximately 15 cents in one day.

Prices have risen to the highest they've been since 2008.

"They're just going crazy. Just to fill up my van it's over $60 you know and that's a big chunk out of your pay checks every week," said Diane Schroht.

Although minimum wage isn't increasing, nor are most people's pay checks, everything else seems to be, due to inflation.

Schroht is fearful of another recession.

"I'm going to have to really limit my spending. You know especially, I have my grandson that I'm raising and everything has gone up so high, not just gas, but everything has gone so high," said Schroht.

For those on fixed incomes, like Bill Wright, the story is much the same.

"It's going to break everyone, like it did before, because you can't afford it," exclaimed Wright.

With the latest turmoil in the Middle East, the potential for prices to increase even more is very real. But, one man believes the American people can stop that from happening.

"They can raise them up as much as they want, but if the consumer isn't going to buy it, the oil companies aren't going to make any money, that's the bottom line," said Ron Sellens.

It'll be interesting to see if consumers will purchase more fuel efficient vehicles or begin car-pooling to save costs, especially if they're are saving up for those summer vacations.

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