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By Katie Lange

Mower County's Human Services Department makes changes

AUSTIN, Minn. (KTTC-DT) -- The Mower County Board made a significant cost-cutting decision Tuesday morning, that will mean an increased work load for some employees.

The county's Human Services and Finance Department will see some re-organization within their offices, but officials tell us throughout the process, no one will lose their job.

Economic times are tough at the state and local level. To provide better efficiencies and cut costs the departments are making changes.

The position held by a social services office support worker, who is retiring, will not be filled.

The lead worker's position within accounting and collections will also be eliminated, but we're told the employee will be able to apply for a position in the child support, accounting or financial offices.

There will be four positions open: a financial supervisor, fiscal supervisor, child support supervisor and a part-time child support officer.

Mower County's Human Services Director told us the changes will save close to $60,000 for the 2012 year.


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