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Gov. Branstad talks small business creation

MASON CITY, IA (KTTC) -- Iowa's Governor Terry Branstad, made a stop in Mason City Monday afternoon to talk about his plan to create more jobs in the state, but what will it take to create a healthier business climate?

The tour was part of the Governor's election promise to bring more jobs to Iowa, he said it's a necessity because more than 106,000 people are unemployed.

In a recent poll, commissioned by the Des Moines Register, 75% of people polled said they're skeptical he'd be able to create 200-thousand some jobs within the span of five years. Governor Branstad said he wants to make it known that Iowa is a prime location for small businesses to grow.

"As other states are raising taxes I've also sent letters to Illinois. We're going to encourage companies from other states to look at Iowa, because we're reducing our tax and regulatory burden, it's going to be a very attractive place to do businesses," said the Governor.

O. Jay Tomson, has faith that the Governor will bring more jobs to Iowa, even if his plan is what Tomson calls, "Overly Optimistic."

"We need some positive thinking today, we want to move forward. We can't hug the status quo and expect to make progress, so it's nice to see and hear a Governor that is optimistic about what he can do for our state," said Tomson.

The Governor said social networks like facebook and twitter are mediums that need to be utilized more. The technology will reach out to younger generations looking for employment.


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