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By Heidi Wigdahl

National Weather Service: "No river is safe"


More than two-thirds of Minnesotans will be impacted by some kind of flooding this spring. The National Weather Service released its latest spring flood forecast.

Serious flooding is highly likely for the Red River, Minnesota River and the Mississippi River from Minneapolis all the way south.

Officials are most concerned with flooding in Saint Paul but they also say the Zumbro, Root and Cannon Rivers could see flooding as well.

"Every river in the state is at risk this year. So when we think about the Blue Earth River, the Cottonwood River, any of those rivers especially in the southern part of our state, we could really have some serious issues along those rivers. They don't quite have the level of protection that we see along the Minnesota, the Red and the Mississippi River," says Dan Luna with the National Weather Service.

The flood risk is higher than usual because of the heavy snowfall and a wet autumn.

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