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Now spell this: area students try for Spelling Bee title


ROCHESTER, MN (KTTC-DT) -- If you've ever taken part in a spelling bee, you know about the heart-pounding moments as you wait to spell a word you're given.

Some of the area's best spellers convened in Rochester earlier Tuesday, at the Southeast Minnesota Regional Spelling Bee.

They sit here, at Southeast Service Cooperative, anticipating the moment they're called, to hopefully spell a word correctly.

And even though it's a tense environment, these bees keep happening because the competition of spelling our English language is fun.

Katie Sue Cunningham, with Southeast Minnesota Cooperative, says, "These students are taking a lot of time out of their lives reading dictionaries, reading menus, reading every single sign as they drive down the road so they can learn how to spell these words correctly rather than relying on a spell check."

At this spelling bee, 62 students from over 30 districts are vying for twelve spots in the state spelling bee. One winner will then advance to the National Scripps Spelling Bee in early June.

The students are picked at random to keep it fair, and trophies gleam on the side to congratulate each participant - even if they get the word wrong.

In the age of spell check and computers, knowing your words still remains important, just as these kids are proving.

Katie says, "I think that, growing up in the technology age, and using spell check, it's hard to know how to spell those words, things you're not used to spelling without that little red squiggly line telling you hey, that word is wrong."

The following students will advance on to the March 1st, competition:

Regional Spelling Bee at 9:00 a.m.:

1st place Radhika Edpuganti, LaCrescent]Hokah Public Schools, 8th grade
2nd place Casey Olson, Mabel]Canton Public Schools, 6th grade
3rd place Shane DeSilva, Austin Area Catholic Schools]Pacelli, 4th grade
4th place Devon Nerstad, Spring Grove Public Schools, 6th grade
5th place Dylin Danielson, Lanesboro Public Schools, 6th grade
6th place Marisa Alvarado, Kasson]Mantorville Public Schools, 6th grade
Alternate 1 Katie Boettcher, Albert Lea Public Schools, 6th grade
Alternate 2 Sarah Willrodt, Austin Public Schools, 7th grade

Regional Spelling Bee at 1:00 p.m.:

1st place Claire Colby, Rochester Public Schools, 7th grade
2nd place Jessica Claytor, MN Virtual Academy, 8th grade
3rd place Jonathan Hasan, Winona Public Schools, 8th grade
4th place Amber Kingsley, Plainview]Elgin]Millville Public Schools, 7th grade
5th place Adam Poliszuk, Rochester Area Association of Christian Home Educators, 8th grade
6th place Noah Rechtzigel, Kenyon]Wanamingo Public Schools, 8th grade
Alternate 1 Sam Goblirsch, Rochester Public Schools, 8th grade
Alternate 2 Olivia Riggins, Northfield Public Schools, 7th grade

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