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By Katie Lange

Local Egyptians react to Mubarak's resignation

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- Now that the Egyptian people feel they have gotten what they've been asking for, many local Egyptians told us they are full of pride following the announcement.

It's been 11 years since Ahmed Hassanein lived in Egypt. After all those years, he said his father just now feels free.

"He just opened his heart up to me and he said, finally we are proud to be Egyptian," said Hassanein.

Another local Egyptian said Mubarak's resignation was a change the younger generations saw necessary. In fact, he said a facebook page spurred people to unite for freedom.

"It's basically a facebook group that turned into lets meet, lets actually have a place that we can talk and we can get together. It just spread like wildfire,"said Ahmed Makkawy.

A testament to what can happen with patience, persistence and unity.

"There was no one revolutionary figure that was leading this it was just people, so that makes it even better," said Makkawy.

Makkawy told us he felt like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders when he heard his people were free.

"I don't cry much, but I seriously got tears seeing it all celebrating, people being happy," exclaimed Makkawy.

As celebrations continue, reality is setting in. The military will rule the country until September's election. While Hassanein feels the change of government will be peaceful, Makkawy isn't so certain.

"I'm worried about who is going to take control and how it's going to happen, and how the people are going to deal with it," said Makkawy.

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