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By Chris Conte

Frontenac couple escapes from truck after driving into Mississippi


GOODHUE COUNTY, Minn (KTTC)-- A Frontenac couple barely escaped from their sinking truck early Sunday morning after it plunged into Lake Pepin.

The couple was just a few hundred yards away from the Minnesota shoreline, when the currents of the frozen Mississippi River opened up a hole in the ice. As their truck sank, the husband and wife managed to jump from the vehicle back onto the ice.

"If they would've gone in without acting quickly it could've been a tragedy," says Kris Johnson with the Goodhue County Sheriff's Office.

A few hours later, Johnson says one of his deputies noticed tire tracks leading up to the hole in the lake and called in an air boat to investigate. A rescue team used underwater cameras to get the license plate number of the truck and determined no one was inside.

"It's pretty sobering I'm sure," adds Johnson.

The owner's by law now have 30 days to remove their truck from the bottom of the lake, an operation that could cost as much as $15,000.

"Any time of the year is dangerous, I would never recommend to anyone driving all the way from the Minnesota side to the Wisconsin side," notes Johnson.

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