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Local man has Egyptian ties

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- While the violence in Egypt may seem worlds away, it's very real for a local man whose extended family lives in that country.

Ahmed Makkawy has been tuning into the news every chance he gets. He has tried to stay updated on the historic Egyptian protests unfolding over the past week.

He's an American citizen and yet still Egyptian. For a majority of his youth IBM employee, Ahmed Makkawy was raised in the United States, yet his Egyptian roots run deep.

"This is my younger brother and this is my two cousins. This is in Cairo. Right across the bridge from the Tahrir Square, "explained Makkawy.

Every year, as he was growing up,  Ahmed's family would reunite in Egypt. He said he's been on pins and needles for the last week, since violence broke out.

"You want to make sure that your people are okay, your country is okay, but yet you have to go on with work and everything else," said Ahmed.

For Makkawy the possible change in leadership, gives him unprecedented pride.

"Patriotism. A lot of patriotism," exclaimed Makkawy.

He told us it's the younger generation that's moving forward and fighting for a change in government - a voice of reason.Makkawy's biggest fear isn't for his families safety,  instead it's for the United States and Egypt's union.

"I would hate for the U.S. or Egypt to break relations to where I'd have to pick to be either just an American citizen or an Egyptian citizen. In the future I want to be able to take my kids back and have them reconnect with family just like my parents did with me," said Makkawy.

Makkawy told us that he has over 40 relatives living in Egypt. They are all accounted for and have been safe throughout the violent week.


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