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By Tom Overlie

Local author makes it big with ebooks

AUSTIN, Minn. (KTTC-DT) -- She was rejected by countless traditional book publishers in New York, but now she's embraced by hundreds of thousands of readers from around the world.

Local author Amanda Hocking was on the verge of giving up a writing career, until technology like the Nook or Kindle revolutionized the way she thought about selling her stories.

For thousands of young fans from around the world,Hocking is the creator of a world of paranormal, romance and suspense.

In the world of Young Adult books, she's a rising star. A role that's still taking time to get used to.

Her stories sell by the hundreds of thousands. This past December alone? 169,000 book sales.

And nearly half a million book sales in the past ten months.

She's doing it mostly through the ebook platform. The Kindle and Nook account for about 20% of book sales today.

For Amanda Hocking, ebooks have changed her life. Less than one year ago, she was unknown, rejected by countless book publishers, and barely living from paycheck to paycheck.

In April, she took her destiny in hand, placed her books online, and struck gold. Today, she's no longer a struggling author, but someone who's seeing success beyond her wildest dreams. This spring, she plans to buy her first house.

Hocking's series rank high on Amazon books. There's the My Blood Approves series, the Trilogy books, and her zombie novels, Hollowland.>>

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