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MN Twins make an extra stop in Rochester

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- Before the Twins arrived at the Ramada for the 2011 winter caravan they made an additional stop.

One that lit up the world of some families going through some very tough times.

Maggie Shoepski of the Ronald McDonald House says, "There's a time when you just need a break from what you're going through."

A few members of the Minnesota Twins made a stop at the Ronald McDonald House in Rochester Monday afternoon giving some families just the break they needed and bringing a little magic to those who need it most.

Paula Shaner says, "And I just think what a great cause that they come and support a facility like this."

Owen may be one the twin's smallest fans but he's got a big spirit... Owen suffered from a rare cancer, one doctors consider to be pre-leukemic. He stayed at the house last year from June through September.

Shaner, Owen's mom says, "He went through chemo, radiation, and had a bone marrow transplant."

All before the age of two, which he turns on Saturday. Owen's mom, Paula Shaner says her little boy kept the family going through the toughest days.

Shaner says, "He was always laughing, he always had a smile on his face and he just has this silly little smile."

The Twin's stopping by, although a small gesture can mean the world to some young children enduring the unimaginable.

Shoepski says, "It's something that the families look forward to, again, get their mind off the trials they're going through with their children and just have a little break."

Now along with his health he also has the autographs of some guys he may come to look up to someday.

Shaner says, "Owen is doing well. His counts for the first time in his life are normal."

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