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A Hormel employee receives a second chance at life

AUSTIN, Minn. (KTTC) -- One Hormel employee has nine co-workers to thank for saving his life, after going into sudden cardiac arrest. On Tuesday, the American Heart Association honored those employees.

"I'd like to say if it wasn't for the Hormel foods, I wouldn't be here today," said the victim, Tom Branden.

 Words can't entirely describe how thankful Tom Branden is to be alive.

 "I'd just like to say thank you, that's basically all I can say right now, is thank you," said Branden.

On October, 22nd while working at Hormel, he went into sudden cardiac arrest, his heart had stopped beating.

"We found Tom on the ground, unresponsive and immediately started CPR," said Hormel's Medical Administrator, Julie Helgeson.

Chest compressions weren't enough, a defibrillator had to be used to jump start Tom's heart.

"There was 99% blockage on the right side of my heart. I had a blood clot that let loose and stopped everything, so when they shocked me, that got the blood flowing again, so that brought me back," said Branden.

Thanks to Julie Helgeson, Tony Zinkowich, Anna Good, Bill Hacker, Joe Gunderson, Victoria Filippini, Rod Trocinski, Darwin Sellers and Jordan Williamson... Tom is alive.

"Life can leave you in a hurry, basically everything can be gone right now," exclaimed Branden.

Luckily, Tom has been given a second chance at life. There are 14 defibrillators within the Hormel plant and over 150 employees know how to use them.


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