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Rep. Walz hosts a "Congress on the Corner" in Mankato

MANKATO, Minn. (KTTC) -- Congressman Tim Walz was in Mankato Friday for "Congress on the Corner".

In the wake of last weeks tragedy in Arizona involving Gabby Giffords, Congressman Tim Walz, says it's still important for constituents to come out and voice their concerns. Long lines filled Mocol's Foods, a small supermarket, as people waited to speak to their congressman.

It was as though a wave of sorrow had washed over the crowd of those gathered.

"A little sadness in the air, a little hopefulness with representative Giffords conditions," said Congressman Walz.

Many people told the NewsCenter their thoughts and prayers went out to the all those affected by last weeks devastation, but they won't let it stop them from participating

"I wanted to show my participation as a citizen and make sure that things like that don't encourage people from participating in the system," said constituent, Abdi Sabrie.

"Accessibility to Mr. Walz is a big part of the democratic process. I think having that ability to come up and talk to him about the issues that matter to you, is really important," said Alice Rockswold.

Tim Walz says the gathering shows America is still very much united.

"A show of solidarity as Americans that we don't have to agree, we don't have to vote the same as one another, but we respect one another and we respect one another and we respect our democracy and understand that violence is never the solution," stated Walz.

The Congressman told us having security at events is for everyone's safety, not just his own.


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