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Incorporating digital cameras into the classroom

ST. CHARLES, Minn. (KTTC) -- Some educators got up close with nature Wednesday afternoon at Whitewater State Park with the help of digital cameras. Close to fifteen people took part in a workshop aimed at getting kids out of the classroom and into nature.

Incorporating digital photography into the classroom is a new strategy, aimed at getting kids outdoors.

"No matter what your field is as a teacher. If you're a phy ed teacher, a science teacher or a language arts teachers you can take advantage of this program," said the program's facilitator, Roger Everhart.

More than 500 teachers have attended the workshops, including instructors at Cannon Falls and Plainview-Elgin-Milville's High School.

"It's just a new avenue to use in our classroom, absolutely, a new way for students to learn," said Steve Himrichs, a teacher at Plainview-Elgin-Millville.

"I teach the old fashioned film photography and they don't get the instant gratification for their images. With something like this they'll maybe get an opportunity for something like field trips perhaps, take the kids outdoors and explore some things," said Canon Falls teacher, Brett Zimmerman.

Over the course of the next year the program hopes to educate another 500 teachers on how to shoot with digital cameras, download the photos and edit them.

The program is funded by the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund.

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