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Stores see a shortage of roof rakes

AUSTIN, Minn. (KTTC) -- Heavy snow has accumulated on rooftops this winter, causing some to collapse or produce ice dams. Purchasing items like roof rakes or roof melt can reduce the risk of potential damage to your home.

The problem though, is finding these winter materials to clear off your rooftop. Hardware stores in Austin told us they can't keep roof rakes or roof melt on their store shelves. In fact, people are on waiting lists and often times the product has already been spoken for, by the time a shipment arrives.

"Usually we don't sell that many roof rakes in a year, get a couple dozen," said Chris Ruskell, owner of Ruskell Hardware. Yet that isn't the case this winter. Ruskell told us he sold over a hundred roof rakes in the last five days. The story is much the same at Ace Hardware, where they recently received a new shipment.

"We received twenty of each kind today, aluminum and poly. I'm about half-way through both stacks," said Ace Manager, Jessica Groth.

Tim Davis was lucky enough to get this hand on the sough after winter products.

"I got a roof rake and a roof melt too, to help keep it clear. Keep the ice dam from getting too bad," said Davis.

He told us he'd rather use a rake to reach up and try to pull the snow down, instead of climbing onto the roof and potentially falling down. Ruskell Hardware told us that not all customers are as safe as Davis.

"We've had people attaching ropes to their snow shovels and throwing their shovels up on the roofs, but the safest thing is to use a roof rake," explained Ruskell.

Ruskell Hardware told us they hope to have a new shipment of winter products in by Tuesday.

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