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Gas main breaks and leaks usually avoidable

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- The snow continues to cause problems as the clean up remains on going. Rochester fire officials are asking everyone to be more careful when it comes to gas mains.

The Rochester Fire Department has responded to six gas main leaks or breaks in the past five days and they say it's typically an avoidable situation.

Thursday night at Nissan a gas line was hit when plow crews were working to move snow.

While some instances like this do occur each year, officials are seeing more situations because the city received so much snow in a short amount time and some are running into the problem of not having a place to move snow.

Officials say residents and workers should take the necessary steps to avoid a dangerous break or leak.

Assistant Fire Marshall Larry Mueller says, "Residents, snow plow drivers, and commercial companies need to maintain a clearance around the gas meters and piping. It would be best if they hand shoveled the areas. Mark the areas with appropriate flags so snow plow drivers can see it."

Rory Lenton of Minnesota Energy Resources says, "Use a small plastic shovel, be very careful, move slowly and avoid striking any of the pipes or the instruments themselves."

If you suspect a gas leak you should move away from the building and call 911 immediately.

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