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A healthy snack promotes healthy learning


AUSTIN, Minn. (KTTC) -- For most parents, getting their kids to eat nutritiously isn't always an easy task.

Two Austin schools are trying to promote healthy snacking and hopefully help out parents along the way.

It's called the "Healthy Snack Cart." It's a pilot program at Sumner Elementary and Woodson Kindergarten, with funds provided by the Statewide Health Improvement Plan.

Once a day kids are given the option of choosing a treat with nutritional benefits. Food items on the cart focus on whole grains or reduced fat.

For just $35 per year, parents can ensure their kids get a healthy snack every day.

The district's food service director says it's a way to promote healthy learning.

"Students who aren't hungry pay attention better. There is less fidgeting and less everything, so we just feel like it's a great way for us to promote healthy learning as well as just a healthy snack," said Mary Weikum.

Through grants from the United Way, the district is able to offer a snack to every student, including those, who may not have been able to otherwise afford it.

The snack carts have been such a success, Weikum says the other schools in the district are looking at implementing the program, as well.


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