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Snowmobile hunt for two Altura deer hunters has happy ending

ALTURA (KTTC) -- A search by snowmobile for two missing deer hunters on Saturday ended in relief for a family in the Altura area.

The Winona Co. Sheriff's Department dispatched two deputies in the middle of Saturday's terrible winter storm about 2 p.m. to hunt for the hunters with snowmobiles.

One of the men had shot a large deer and couldn't find it.  He needed help finding it and then hauling it out of the woods before the heavy snow arrived, so he enlisted the help of another man and the two went out to track it.  When they didn't come back on time, the family became concerned and called for help. 

Winona Co. Chief Deputy Ron Ganrude says it just took the men a little longer than they anticipated to find the animal and then get the deer out of the woods, as it weighed 150 pounds.  But he says everyone made it home safely, and the deputies were only out searching for the men for a couple of hours with snowmobiles before the drama had its happy ending.

Parts of Winona County got up to two feet of snow over the weekend; Altura got an estimated 20-22" before the wind started pushing it into drifts.  

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