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Rich Murray winner in House District 27A


The results are in for the House District 27A race, in Freeborn and Mower Counties. The conclusion: Rich Murray is the winner.

Only 58 votes separated Rich Murray from incumbent DFL candidate, Robyn Brown. The close result spurred a recount.

So just how accurate were the computers that initially tallied the votes?

"The actual M100 tabulator results are actually holding up real well in comparison to the hand recount,"explained Doug Groh, a Mower county election official.

In Mower county, four party representatives were watching the recount, while in Freeborn county the process was slightly different.

"At each table we have four people. Two county staff and two observers, one from each party and they're watching the sorting and the counting of the ballots," described Freeborn county election official, Dennis Distad.

Both recount officials told us the process was going smoothly, with a few gubernatorial votes being challenged in Mower county.

Looking at the big picture, Distad said he believes Mark Dayton will soon be our governor.

"Statewide I don't anticipate any changes, just because of the equipment, the paper ballots and the recount process," said Distad.

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