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Coming to America from Afghanistan

LYLE, Minn. (KTTC) -- Can you imagine living in a war-torn country, only to escape for a few months to live in the United States?

Meet a foreign exchange student from Afghanistan, who is attending school in Lyle. Sixteen year old Shegofa has spent most of her life in Afghanistan, except for a few years when she lived in Pakistan.

"We didn't choose to leave Afghanistan. My dad was in jail, because the Taliban got him and my dad said, we are not safe here anymore so, we have to go. We went to Pakistan with my mom and grandma and my dad came after us," explained Shegofa.

He had escaped from the Taliban, a group Shegofa said people are terrified of.

"They can kill someone, so everyone is scared of them," said Shegofa.

Often times the Middle East is associated with war, but Shegofa said Afghani life isn't about that.

"Everyone is not the same. Some are bad and some are good. But all of Afghans (sic) are not to fight with each other," said Shegofa.

She said politics spur the Taliban to conflict.

"They kind of scare people before election, that they shouldn't vote. That's the time that they do that, not all the time."

Much like America they want to live in peace and have freedoms.

"Women are free here. They can do whatever they want. In here they can work, they can go everywhere. They can do and wear everything they want."

Shegofa told us she hopes to stay living in America,where she would attend college and work as an economist or accountant.

Her host family Rick and Julie Jacobsen told us Shegofa has adjusted well to being a female teenager in America. She spends her time shopping, texting, facebooking and listening to tunes on her iPod.

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