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Mn/DOT will not extend West Frontage Road

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- The Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT) opted against construction of a west frontage road along Highway 52. The decision was made on Wednesday.

Homeowners on Clearwater Road waited since April to find out if a frontage road would run right through their neighborhood, forcing them to relocate.

"We were kind of blind sided. We had no idea this was even being considered," said Eric Brown, a homeowner on Clearwater Road.

But after almost two years, the Northern Rochester Transportation study is in its final stages with Mn/DOT and the city of Rochester choosing different options to help with the traffic congestion mainly on 55th Street.

"Rather than having to build the West Frontage Road, which we heard from the public was not very well supported, to help avoid taking anybody's home or disrupting the surrounding neighborhood, by building the auxiliary lanes along with the 65th street interchange that'll help support the traffic flow for the next 25 years which is what we wanted to do," Mn/DOT Community Relations Coordinator Kristin Kammueller said.

"I think it was wonderful that they listened to the homeowners and listened to what people in the neighborhood had to say on the effects of a frontage road coming through our neighborhood," Resident Meghan Rotvold said.

65th Street NW will get a folded diamond interchange, this will allow drivers to access Highway 52 in both directions.

There will also be a future realignment of 34th Avenue in the northwest quadrant of the 65th Street NW interchange area.

Auxiliary lanes on Highway 52 will also help congestion, avoiding the Clearwater neighborhood.

However, some neighbors were willing to relocate with Brown saying, "I feel like if they don't do it now then in another five years or ten years they're just going to kind of come back and want to do it again and I think we're always going to have that hanging over our heads."

However, Mn/DOT says this new plan will support the traffic flow for the next 25 years, leaving Clearwater Road untouched for now.


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