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By Chris Conte

Dr. Dallemand's tenure

ROCHESTER (KTTC-DT)-- Dr. Romaine Dallemand has made it a priority since day one to close the city's achievement gap since become superintendent of the Rochester Public School District back in 2007 but he hasn't always had full support of the community.

"It's gonna have a big impact on the students," said Anna Thomson a student at Mayo High School when asked about the possibility that Dr. Dallemand could be leaving Rochester for a job in Macon, Georgia.

Throughout the past few years, Dr. Dallemand has worked closely with the school board, teachers and students to try and bring up the district's MCA scores but he hasn't always had the full support of the community.

"It's [hard] because we have a system that was not designed to close gaps," said Dallemand back in 2007.

From the begining though it has been an uphill battle for the 41-year-old, three school board members including Cris Fischer wanted to hire someone else when Dr. Dallemand was offered the job as the head of Rochester Public Schools back in 2007. By September of 2010 though, Fischer resigned from the board saying she couldn't support the direction Superintendent Dallemand had taken the district.

"I have to be able to support the leadership of this district and that includes the Superintendent...I feel that I can't support that leadership anymore and so it is time [for me] to step aside," Fischer said in an interview during September, 2010.

Still, some parents would like to see the public move beyond what Dr. Dallemand has or has not and focus on making the school district a better place to learn.

"We shouldn't have this much politics in schools systems we should be looking at education," said Kit Hawkins, President of the Rochester Education Association after Tuesday night's school board meeting.

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