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Ousted Austin mayoral candidate pursues a recount

AUSTIN, Minn. (KTTC--) Friday, November 12th is the deadline for election candidates who lost to notify the canvassing boards if they would like to pursue a recount. Tuesday in Austin, Mayoral candidate Marian Clennon did just that.

Marian Clennon lost the Austin Mayor's race to incumbent Tom Stiehm, by 1,699 votes. Clennon said she initially tried to dismiss wanting a re-count, but couldn't do so.

"I heard people talking for and against the sheriff's races, the state races, on both sides. I never heard anyone or any ground swell of anyone against me or what I was doing," said Clennon.

She said her motivation for a re-count stemmed from technology.

"It's when you get a machine in-between votes," explained Marian Clennon.

However, the mayor felt the machines were trustworthy.

"Are they going to be 100% every time probably not, but are they going to be within 8% or 1700 votes, I would guess they are,"said Mayor Stiehm.

The city clerk told us that prior to the primary and general elections accuracy tests are run on the machines, and candidates are welcome to attend. Clennon, is the only candidate to attend both.

All-in-all, Mayor Stiehm says that Marian put up a good fight.

"I know she has been campaigning for a long time and she's knocked on a lot of doors and talked to a lot of people. I guess it's just a little tough for her to accept the defeat," said the Mayor.

Clennon asked for a re-count in only 3 of the 6 Austin precincts.

$1,000 dollars is the rough estimate for re-counting all of the precincts. Clennon must pay for the re-count, unless the city finds a substantial error in the votes.

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