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Stories of time through music

GOODVIEW, MN (KTTC-DT) -- We all have stories of the journeys in our lives, and some of the greatest American stories are told in song - where the musical instruments are the sky's limits.

Good stories, of journeys in our lives, are often told by music. Charlie Maguire, a well-known Twin Cities folk musician, is good at doing just that.

Charlie Maguire says, "The songs that I sing are those traveling songs, they are these journey songs."

He's lending his skills this time to a new exhibit at the Winona County History Center: Journey Stories is about how America remakes itself through travel.

Charlie Maguire says, "We love our history of Minnesota. And the way of making it more important and the way of keeping that going is to make sure kids get in at an early age."

One way to do that is bring a piece of the exhibit right to the kids. Accompanying him are the 4th graders at Goodview Elementary, just north of Winona. That's the target age group for this exhibit.

Here, Charlie's guitar and harmonica blend with spoons as percussion, and it only gets better, with the jaw harp.

Charlie Maguire says, "In the olden days, people took a jaw harp, some spoons, and they had a band."

Essential to folk music, this odd looking instrument only took me a little to pick up. And I was soon jamming with the rest of the jaw harp extraordinaire 4th graders.

You don't need a lot to tell a good story - our ancestors didn't - and simple is a sweet sound.

The 4th graders performed Tuesday night at the Winona County History Center with Maguire. The Journey Stories exhibit at the History Center runs until December 4th.

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